Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Woman at the Well part 1

Psalms 42:1-2, "As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God. I thirst for God, the living God."

The woman at the well. You have probably heard this "story" a million times... but it is not just a story. It is true.

Jesus is walking to Galilee.
So Jesus takes the short route and walks through Samaria. That was unusual in  His day because the Jews considered the Samaritans "unclean" and they didn't want anything to do with them.

 Jesus walks up to a well and asks a Samaritan woman for some water. She is confused. She is a Samaritan, a woman, and is an outcast in her community. She asks Him why He would ask her for water. They converse for several minutes. He tells her things about her that are true. I guess you can just imagine how she feels... probably confused, wondering, and puzzled. Then Jesus tells her about a living water. He tells her about Him, and who He is. She believes and goes into her town and tells everyone about what Jesus told her.

She probably thought -at first- that she was worthless, unloved, unimportant. Jesus showed her that she is priceless, loved, and very important. 

We can learn from this.
We are loved, priceless, special, important, and valued to our heavenly Father. 
We who believe are daughters of the One True King.


Go deeper: read John 4:1-42

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Depths of God's Love

I could never write the depths of God's perfect love.
No one could ever.
It is beyond our human understanding.

But I can tell you this:
if you were the only one on earth Jesus would have still died for you. He would do it all over again.
He died on a cross because He loved us, knowing He may not be loved back.

John 3:16, "For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life."

1 John 4:8, "The one who does not love does not know God, because God is love."

1 John 4:19, "We love because He first loved us."

There are many verses in the Bible about love. Look for them. Pray to know the depths of God's love.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Self throne

So we have all sat on a "self throne".
We only get off if we let God take control of our lives. 

When we accept Jesus into our hearts then He takes over, but sometimes we still want to be in control.


 I realized that I was still trying to be in control. It was all about me. Sarah first. But I knew that I'm not supposed to be selfish. 
Sometimes we struggle with things, but we don't even realize we do (but that's for another blog).

Matthew 20:16 says,  “So the last will be first, and the first last.”

So Jesus tells us to be selfless. Not be selfish. That can be hard. But Jesus not only tells us to be humble and selfless, He showed it through His actions (John 13:1-17).

Jesus first, others second, yourself last.


So remember, put God first. Be selfless. Let God take over your life.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Poem - Amazing Love

You sent Your Son to died on a tree
 no one but You would do that for me. 
You sacrificed Your life because of Your love, 
You carried the burdens, You carried the shame 
even though You didn't do a thing.
What amazing love You must have for me
You broke the chains
 You set me free
for that I owe You my everything.


John 3:16,
"For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life."