Thursday, February 23, 2017

Broken yet Beautiful

The other day I was at the beach, I like to call it my second home.
I felt the warm sun on my face, I felt the cold sea water lapping at my feet. I can smell the salty ocean in the air. I feel like I have ocean water in my veins, as if my name was written on the sandy shore. 

When I am at the beach I love looking at the seashells... It seems almost as if we are seashells... broken yet beautiful. 
Every seashell is different.. no matter if two look the same they each have something different about them.
We all have scars we try to hide, tears we don't want anyone to see. We are all fighting a inner battle but we try to act like we have it all together.... when does it all end? When do we admit to not having it all together? Why do we try so hard to hide the pain? Why are we too stubborn to fall to our knees in prayer?

We have a heavenly Father who loves us. He is our true home. No matter what you think of yourself you are broken, yet you are beautiful. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you... you are loved and cherished by the King of kings. 
What else really matters?

Always remember who you are in Jesus Christ. Remember you are cherished, loved, and rare. 
You are priceless to your King.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Do. Hard. Things.

Do. Hard. Things.

Have you ever wanted to change the world? I know I have... and still do. You probably have. But the question is how to go about it?,

Sometimes you might overlook the small things... you might say you want to change the world but have you tried to reach out to one person? 

Sometimes I wonder what God's will is for my life, I think that I should be doing something... something big.... but the thing is it doesn't have to be big. Start with the small hard things. Like doing the dishes without being asked, cleaning the bathroom ( I know, gross )... things like that around the house.

 Try to make friends with the new girl at school or church. I have moved twice so I know how it feels to be new and left out. Maybe you do too... I don't want anyone to feel that way.

Just talk to different people, if you see someone looking alone and left out try to reach out. I know, its harder than it sounds, but this blog post isn't named 'do easy things' its name is 'do hard things'.

So listen, if you still want to change the world and make a difference then first make a difference in someone's life.

I have a challenge for you.... I want you to speak to a person who looks alone, or introduce yourself to the new girl. Also start at home, do things without your parents asking.

Set a Christ-like example for others.

I just started reading the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris... I highly recommend it.

Also if you want to go deeper read Matthew 25:31;-46.